You will receive 12 nutritionally packed meals. 2 for each day (Mon-Sat). Your deliveries will be split between two days (Sunday and Wednesday) and delivered to your home or work Click Here for more info.


No hassle cooking - Just heat and eat!


Click Here to see this weeks and next weeks menus. You will automatically be given 1 of each meal but if you would like to choose an alternative from the menu, please leave a note at the checkout. You can also find their nutritional details on the menu.


Benefits of J-Jay's Meal Preps:

  • Improve productivity, focus and energy
  • Save you money and time
  • Help you acheive your goal
  • Feel better, look better and perform smarter

Multi Meal Pack

  • 1. We will schedule you in ready to cook your delicious meals!

    2. Every week we'll issue the following weeks menu to set your mouth watering!

    3. On Sundays and Wednesdays, your meals will be freshly cooked by trained chefs, packed and readied for delivery.

    4. Meal planning will no longer be an issue as fresh, nutritionally packed meals will be delivered to your home or work.

    5. All our meals if not consumed within the timed guidelines, you have the option to freeze.

  • J-Jay's operate strict cross contamination policies, however there is a risk of contamination, however slight, and therefore cannot guarantee there will be no traces of the 14 key allergens listed by the food standards agency in any meals.

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