One salad won't make you slim, One doughnut won't make you fat!

You hear time and time again from people the words 'that's it now, I'm eating healthy all day every day!'. This attitude prevents you from enjoying the things you love in life and makes you feel guilty. Although some of the foods and drinks we love are processed and have little or no nutritional benefits, it doesn't mean they can't be enjoyed now and again. As long as you have a goal in mind and you stick to the programme you are set 80-90%, you will have no issue reaching YOUR goal! Keep on track, if you have a little stumble, no worries, you've got this, jump straight back on that journey of reaching your goal! Remember consistency is 🔑 and as well as wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, you must also enjoy a HAPPY one!

Much love, J-Jay's 💚

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