Meal preP

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail"


J-Jay's Meal Preps are nutritious meals prepared and cooked in our own kitchens and packaged in microwaveable containers complete with detailed macros - you know what you are eating.


In today's fast paced world J-Jay's Meal Preps provide speed, convenience and value for money.


Busy people, weight conscious, gym goers or people just living healthy lifestyles benefit from J-Jay's Meal Preps. No preparation required, delivered to your door, heat and eat - quick, simple, convenient and delicious.


You can call in and buy Meal Preps in store or to participate in our order and delivery service, access our online Meal Prep store and enjoy the benefit of generous discounts for ordering in quantity.


Meal Preps will always be available to buy in-store throughout the day, if you order online you can have Meal Prep orders delivered to your door split between two delivery days - Sunday and Wednesday.

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